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May 1st 2018 - SEPA Payment Holiday

May 1st 2018 is a SEPA payment holiday, what this means is NO Euro payments can be made on this date. This is an international SEPA holiday which all financial organisations must adhere to. Any payments due to Merchants on Tuesday the 1st May will be credited on Wednesday the 2nd May in conjunction with their BAU payments due on the 2nd. If you have any questions relating to this please contact our support desk. ROI 1850 200 417, NI 0371 200 1437 , GB 0371 200 1436

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2017 MPE Best Acquirer Award

AIB Merchant Services was announced as the 2017 ‘Best Acquirer’ at the MPE Awards, in March of this year. This award goes to the outstanding Acquirer who has developed an excellent acquiring service for customers throughout Europe. This is the third time in the past four years that AIBMS has scooped the coveted award.

These Awards bring a tribute to the acquirers who were instrumental in pushing the payment system beyond the next level and to their innovations which were relevant to the success of acceptance business today and in the near future.

“AIB Merchant Services delivers an impeccable acquiring service for e-commerce transactions ranging from micro merchants to big brands”, says Leon Dhaene, Chairman of the Guiding Hand Awards. “The Jury appreciated the fact that AIB Merchant Services continue to be innovative in this sector, in particular with their product Clover, as the market leading next generation business management system, linking core payments capability with added value merchant services.”

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