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May 1st 2018 - SEPA Payment Holiday

May 1st 2018 is a SEPA payment holiday, what this means is NO Euro payments can be made on this date. This is an international SEPA holiday which all financial organisations must adhere to. Any payments due to Merchants on Tuesday the 1st May will be credited on Wednesday the 2nd May in conjunction with their BAU payments due on the 2nd. If you have any questions relating to this please contact our support desk. ROI 1850 200 417, NI 0371 200 1437 , GB 0371 200 1436

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My business is Gaming & Social Gaming

AIB Merchant Services provide facilities for 8 of the Top 10 European Gaming Operators.

We provide committed and consistent support of the gaming industry providing clients the ability to process in over 200 currencies and settle in 14 currencies End to End.

We are renowned for our Multifunctional and Dynamic MIDs providing a simple hierarchy delivering comprehensive reporting tools, detail and analyse by market, card type, channel, so you can compare your performance against gaming organizations across Europe. AIBMS guarantee a flat and simple MID Hierarchy. This capability provides a simple and logical support tool to aid reconciliation and Data Feeds that link to your in-house solutions.

We provide you with a highly experienced Corporate Support Team, whose knowledge of the diverse requirements of the industry will add further value to our service.

Enhanced capability including Real Time Authorisation Response, Response Analysis, Full Reason Code, Dynamic Routing, Interchange Optimisation and many more Gaming specific solutions that will add real, tangible value.

With a broad network of key partnerships throughout the industry, covering Online Gaming, Sports Book, Bingo, Casino, Poker, Social Gaming along with Financial and Sports Spread Betting, we are the number one choice for the 7994 and 7995 Sectors.

We provide a fully consultative approach to the boarding and migration process, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transfer. With our highly experienced account management and sector specific teams, you can enjoy the full benefit of our award-winning service and proactive client support.