AIBMS insight

Introducing AIBMS insight.

AIBMS insight replaces your paper-based system with an online data management system that offers you fast and easy access to your credit and debit card transaction data.

It gives you rapid access to your data and provides you with functionality enabling you to analyse, extract and archive reports. You can interrogate your data including authorisations and chargebacks from the past 180 days over the internet via web browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 7, or later versions, and Firefox v3.0.

You will have 24x7 access, meaning you can review your own business reports at a time that suits your customers. It allows group accounts (multiple MIDs) to run queries and reports across multiple entities.

Access to AIBMS insight

With AIBMS insight you can manage and archive statements electronically from the last six months removing the need for manual cross-referencing, physical storage and security provision.
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Your statements online

Have 24/7 access to your statements online. Access information in different formats to suit your business needs and manage and archive statements electronically from the last six months.


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