Statements module

Introducing the statements module

As your business grows and card transaction volumes increase, your paper based statement and record-keeping systems may not be able to grant you the required rapid access to management information and generate an insight that enables you to identify commercial trends and capitalise on opportunities.

Solution overview

AIBMS insight will replace your paper-based system with an online data management system that offers you fast and easy access to your credit and debit card transaction data including statements and more. You can interrogate your data from the past 180 days over the internet via web browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 7, or later versions, and Firefox v3.0.


The Statements module enables you to:

  • View statements in different formats to suit your business needs
  • Download documents in multiple formats including html, xls, pdf, zip so you can import, manipulate and analyse data to support improved business decision making
  • Manage and archive statements electronically from the last six months, removing the need for manual cross-referencing, physical storage and security provision

You will have 24x7 access to AIBMS insight, meaning you can review your statements at a time that suits you. AIBMS insight is compliant with relevant PCI Security Standards and can be deployed with no additional software installation so you can begin enjoying its benefits without impact to your IT infrastructure.

How it works

The following steps illustrate the functionalities and options available in the Statements module, though these may vary depending upon the specific task performed.

After the log-in, you can access the following:

  • Statements - your most recent statements of account activity
  • Balances - current status of balances

Each of these options are explained in more detail below.


This displays details of recent statements so you can check payments and download details in different formats enabling you to import data into other applications for a deeper analysis.

Each Statement displays the following fields:

  • Merchant ID
  • Statement date
  • Statement number
  • Type (all presentment and MSC charges)

In addition, there is an actions box which enables you to either access each listed statement as an HTML web page, which displays in your existing browser window, or download it as CSV, PDF or XML file types.

You also have the option to download all the reports in .zip format.


This will give you access to information related to your sales and refund balances, offering you an unconfirmed preview of your next statement which can facilitate your financial planning processes.

Choosing the Balance option displays balance details based on the following criteria:

  • Merchant ID
  • Brand (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Service type (chargeback presentments / merchant service charges / presentment / sum)
  • Transaction and billing currency
  • Gross amount
  • Net amount
  • MSC

Simple to use

The Statements module has been designed with focus on simplicity and ease of use including an online user guide for help any time.


AIBMS insight offers you a new way to manage your Statements with the following benefits. You can:

  • Access AIBMS insight 24x7, meaning you can review the Statements module at a time that suits you
  • Extract transaction data and import it into other applications for further analysis and manipulation
  • Set up quickly without any required software installations on your systems
  • View statements across multiple entities for group accounts (multiple MIDs)

Find out more

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UK: 0845 301 5407

Email: or visit or contact your Account Manager.

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