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Clover™ Mobile

The next generation portable card payments terminal

Discover Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile, a high powered business management tool that goes wherever you go, and works just as hard.

Whether you are taking orders and payments at the table, queue busting at the register, or just generally on the go, Clover Mobile helps you keep things rolling. This powerful handheld device lets you do what you need to, when you need to.

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See how Clover Mobile can benefit your business

Make Everywhere a Point of Sale
A mobile point of sale that operates simply as a card payments terminal or can be upgraded to a full ePOS system or operate in tandem with Clover Station, it frees staff up so they can go right to your customers.
Frees you up to Focus on your Business
Reporting and insights via the cloud, a range of customisable apps, and smart marketing tools enable you to focus on growing your business.
Never Lose a Sale
Whether you want to take payments at the table, in the queue, in the fitting room, at a trade show, or just queue busting. Save customers the trouble of standing in line and turn queues quickly into sales so that you never lose one.
Improved Customer Service
Clover Mobile enables more personal customer engagement by taking advanced handheld ePOS functionality off the counter and on to the floor.
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Clover Mobile Features

Seamless integration
with other Clover devices, sharing data across Mobile, Mini and Station devices.
Secure and safe
payments for both you and your customer ensuring peace of mind.
Easy to use
so no time is wasted on training your staff.
Future proofed technology
ready to accept contactless cards, ApplePay and Android Pay.
Expert support
through our in-house Clover team with a commitment to deliver a quality service.
Customisable apps
available from the Clover App Market ready to be tailored to your business.
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Getting started with Clover Mobile

The Clover Station arrives ready-to-go (pre-loaded with your product list/menu).

Connect quickly via ethernet or WiFi.

Simple to activate in minutes with the touchscreen wizard.

User-friendly, intuitive software and support for quick employee training.

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Clover Mobile Product Spec

Clover Mobile
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