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2018 Confirmit ACE Judges Choice Award

AIB Merchant Services and W5’s ‘Voice of the Consumer’ (VoC) customer programme has won the Judges’ Choice award at the Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards. Facing off stiff global competition, the programme won the Business to Business category, which recognises outstanding customer experience.

The VoC programme provides a performance measurement tool and insight platform that engages all departments in AIB Merchant Services with the customer experience agenda, and inspires employees and third parties to make a difference. It delivers an annual assessment of the strength of the relationship with corporate customers, and provides a continuous lens on performance amongst SME customers.
Crona Barrett, Director of Client Delivery and Relationship Management for AIB Merchant Services says the VoC programme enables AIB Merchant Services to be in tune with customers and employees alike:

“Working with W5 has allowed us to develop a bespoke program tailored specifically to our needs and successfully track the pulse of our customer base which informs both strategic and process improvements for a broad range of customer journeys.”

Real time insight provided to customer relationship and retention managers enables immediate account-level decision and action, based on tangible data. The sharing of verbatim customer commentary means improvements and behavioural change can be introduced to day-to-day operations immediately. Annual reporting is used for strategic planning across the organization, which has driven improvements across customer communications, customer service and data security.

The programme has delivered:

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