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My business is Telecommunications & Utilities

AIBMS are proud to support many leading Telco and Utility operations across Ireland, UK and Europe.

We offer multifunctional and multicurrency Merchant IDs, guaranteeing a flat and simple MID hierarchy. And because your customer base is global, you’ll be glad to hear we authorize in over 200 Currencies, with 14 end-to-end, including US Dollars. Multifunctional and Multicurrency Merchant IDs guarantee a flat and simple MID Hierarchy. This capability provides a simple and logical support tool to aid reconciliation and Data Feeds that link to your in-house solutions.

You’ll also benefit from our strong relationship with tier 1 payment service providers, EPOS and gateways delivering industry specific solutions including Recurring Billing.

Our highly experienced account management teams offer insight and unparalleled client support and we provide a fully consultative approach to the boarding and migration process, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transfer. With our highly experienced account management and sector specific teams, you can enjoy the full benefit of our award-winning service and proactive client support.