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IPG file issue 13062019

Please note due to a technical issue overnight, some Merchants will experience a 1 day funding delay. The funds that are due today will instead be deposited into your account tomorrow, Friday 14th of June. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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My business is Global Retail & eCommerce

Proud to provide payment capabilities to a number of Europe’s largest and most complex eCommerce Retailers.

At AIB Merchant Services, we know those working in Global Retail and eCommerce need to have complete confidence in their acquirer: the solutions they provide, the service they deliver and the transparency of their commercial terms. That’s why we make certain we deliver consistently on all three.

We are one of Europe’s largest providers of merchant accounts and card payment services. With our extensive operations and partnerships, you will benefit from our strong relationships with all Tier 1 Gateways, Payment Service Providers, EPOS, Hosted Solutions and Terminal Providers.

If your customer base is a global one, you’ll be glad to hear we authorize in over 200 Currencies, and settle 14 end-to-end. Multifunctional and Multicurrency Merchant IDs guarantee a flat and simple MID Hierarchy, this capability provides a simple and logical support tool to aid reconciliation and Data Feeds that link to your in-house solutions.

AIBMS Corporate will give you access to market leading online reporting tools, so you can analyse approval performance by Market, Card Type & Channel You’ll enjoy the benefits of true interchange optimization and management of paperless chargeback.

We provide a fully consultative approach to the boarding and migration process, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transfer. With our highly experienced account management and sector specific teams, you can enjoy the full benefit of our award-winning service and proactive client support.