Main Street Insights

Existing Customer using Insight

If you’re an AIBMS customer and you already use AIBMS’ statement and reporting tool, Insight, simply click on the link below and enter your Insight username and password. You can also access Main Street Insights from the homepage of Insight.

For a full list of features, download our user guide.

Download user guide Go to Main Street Insights

Existing Customer not using Insight

If you’re an AIBMS customer but you don’t currently use AIBMS Insight, simply call 0818 911 067 where a member of our team will set you up with access.

Not an AIBMS customer?

If you’re not currently an AIBMS customer, you’re missing out. To find out more, simply click here to arrange a call-back from one of our team.

See how it works

Know your customer

With Insights that are specific to your business and geographical location, you can deeply understand your customer’s age and gender demographics, and where they live and spend, helping you to make informed decisions about where to put your marketing spend.

Make useful comparisons

Compare your trading performance against previous periods, and get an understanding of how your business fares against similar, nearby businesses in respect of revenue, transaction volumes and average spend.

Chart the recovery

See a timeline of your business and pinpoint trends to help it grow.

Features of Main Street Insights

Comprehensive Reporting – Get detailed historical data on card spend in your store, by day, month or year.

Customer Insight – See the gender and age profiles of your customers, where they live and spend, and whether they are new or returning customers.

Compare – Check out the competition, by viewing comparisons of similar nearby businesses, giving you an invaluable benchmark from which to track your business goals.

Set Goals –  You can set weekly, monthly or yearly goals to track revenue against your targets, and see the goal indicator move as you make progress.

Social –  Compose social media posts and view activity through the My Social Media feature.

Bookmarks – Pinpoint a period in time and bookmark it with information that will be useful to look back on, such as the effect that a customer promotion.

Notifications – See important announcements from AIB Merchant Services in respect of feature updates and feature messages.

Track on the go –  Main Street Insights is optimised for mobile and tablet, so you can get a picture of your business anytime, anywhere.


What is Main Street Insights?

Main Street Insights is a new innovative product by AIBMS that turns transaction data into insights about your customers, sales and other businesses like yours.

With Main Street Insights you can:

  • Attract new business through a better understanding of your customers spending patterns.
  • Understand the effect of your marketing efforts and get insights to improve them.
  • Compare sales and see how consumers are spending at businesses like yours.
  • Track the progress of your business against how you were doing this time last year.

How do I access Main Street Insights?

You can access Main Street Insights through AIBMS insight, using the same log in details.*

You can find AIBMS insight at this link:

*During the Pilot, access will be directly through the shared link and NOT through the above AIB MS Insights link.

What devices can I use to access Main Street Insights?

Browsers (for desktop):

  • Chrome (versions 72.0 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (versions 65.0 and above)
  • Safari (versions 12.0 and above)
  • Microsoft Edge (versions 40 and above)

Browsers (for mobile):

  • Chrome (versions 72.0 and above)
  • iOS Safari (versions 12.0 and above)

Apple Devices:

  • Phones: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7
  • Tablets: iPad Pro, iPad Fourth and Third Generation

Android Devices:

  • Phones: Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Nexus 9

What data does Main Street Insights use?

Main Street Insights uses transaction data from AIB Merchant Services and card issuing data from AIB.

Where does AIBMS get the data used to compare similar businesses?

AIBMS captures data from businesses with the same MCC code as yours and calculates an average value based on their revenue, transactions and average ticket size. This is completed in a manner to ensure that no business is identifiable.

Can my competitors identify my sales and transactions?

No. Our aggregation methodology has been comprehensively tested to ensure that no individual business or their performance can be identified.

Does the ‘Where my Customers live’ feature in My Neighbourhood provide me with my customers addresses?

No. Main Street Insights does not store cardholders’ addresses. It estimates where customers live based on their spending patterns. We make sure to take any identifying data out of the customer information and combine it with the information of other customers, so that no individual cardholder can be identified.

How is transaction data captured?

Transaction data is based on transactions taken through card machines on each day/week/month selected.

How are local and non-local customers calculated?

Local customers are customers that are estimated to live within 10km of your store. Non-local customers are estimated to live more than 10km from your store.

What is my ticket size (Average Transaction Value)?

Your ticket size is the average customer card spend in your store.

What are the Notifications I have received on my account?

The AIBMS operations team send notifications to you of any disruptions to services you should be aware of.

How can my staff get access to Main Street Insights?

A new Main Street insight user has to be set up on AIBMS Insight, our online statement platform. You can do this by contacting the helpdesk on 0818 021 062, giving them your merchant ID and the email address for the new user.

If I have more than one Merchant Identification (MID) with AIBMS can I view them in Main Street Insights?

Main Street insight is built to view one MID at a time. You cannot view the data of all of your stores combined. You can, however, click between stores as there is a hierarchy in the product that allows you to view your individual stores.

How wide is the radius that represents each Hexagon on the My Neighbourhood?

The product estimates where customers live based on their spending patterns and display these as hexagons on a map.

Can customers and Merchants opt out of this and prevent their data being shared with retailers – if so, how?

Yes. Customers can opt out by contacting the AIBMS Customer Service team on 0818 021 062.

For AIB cardholders and Non AIB MS merchants please visit to exercise your right to opt out.

Can retailers see if their customers are spending online?

Online / ecommerce transactions are not part of the transaction data captured through this platform. Main Street Insights relates to card present and telephone transactions only.

Does AIBMS have the right to use this data under GDPR?

Yes. Data Privacy Notices on and inform customers of the way in which their data is used for this product.

How do I sign up for Main Street Insights?

Contact us for more information.

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