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A world class, flexible click and collect system

This seamless online ordering technology lets your customers order via app, website and social media with ease

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Order Ahead by LoyLap Features


What Clover software plan do I need for Order Ahead?

Because Order Ahead taps into the Inventory information on your Clover device, you need to be using Register Lite, Register or Table Service plans to avail of Order Ahead

Can I get a specific mobile app for my business

Yes, this is possible. Check out Loylap.com/order-ahead-online-ordering for more information

Where do I find support?

LoyLap has a dedicated support team based in Dublin and London, designed to make sure that your solution is working for you and your business. More info here https://support.loylap.com/kb-tickets/new

How do I sign up for Order Ahead by LoyLap?

Contact us for more information.