Gift Card

Maximise sales with Gift Card by LoyLap

Man using gift card

LoyLap’s Gift Card service is seamlessly integrated to your Clover device, making it simple to choose LoyLap as a payment method when the customer is paying

Load balances, top-up, enquire and redeem on Clover

Sell online or via Social Media to redeem in-store

Gift Card Features


How do I get physical gift cards?

LoyLap will work with you to custom design and manufacture your gift card. Card production usually takes around 15 days

How much does it cost?

LoyLap’s plans start at €15 per month for the use of Gift Card and Loyalty software solutions, plus fees on transactions that exceed fair usage allowances. Find out more here.

Where do I find support?

LoyLap has a dedicated support team based in Dublin and London, designed to make sure that it’s working for you and your business

How do I sign up for Gift Card by LoyLap?

Contact us for more information.