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Please note due to a technical issue overnight, some Merchants will experience a 1 day funding delay. The funds that are due today will instead be deposited into your account tomorrow, Friday 14th of June. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Contactless Payments

Feel the speed with contactless payments

Contactless payment technology is a great way for you to accept low value payments – in less than a second.

Contactless Payments


How contactless works

  1. If there’s a contactless symbol on the front of a debit card, you can start accepting contactless right away.
  2. Our contactless payments solution is fast, convenient and secure. Cardholders hold their debit card up to a secure reader and a tiny antenna inside the card communicates with the terminal. Half a second later you should hear the beep and the display confirms your transaction has been successful.
  3. You can pay for anything that’s up to €15. As an extra security measure, the cardholder may occasionally be asked to enter the PIN.

Benefits of Contactless

  • Contactless speeds up service, is simple for staff and helps cut cash-handling costs.
  • Contactless eliminates the need to check signatures and reduces the need to request PIN’s, making payments simple for staff and quicker for customers.
  • Accepting Contactless gives you a potential advantage over nearby stores that do not. Make the most of this to develop customer loyalty.
  • Counting, securely transporting and banking notes and coins can be expensive. Contactless can help break your cash dependency.



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