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Gift Card on Clover™

Powered by LoyLap

Gift Card on Clover, powered by LoyLap.

The Gift Card App is available to download directly from the Clover App Market, and your customised Gift Cards will be delivered to you in just 5 days.

And it's not just a Gift Card App...
Gift Card on Clover offers you remarkable value for money, and it opens up a world of opportunity to you with its advanced reporting tools.

Gift Card on Clover

It's easy and it's clever

You can use it to build customer retention and loyalty, and as a safe and secure method of payment without all the hassle of paper vouchers.

It's a way to build business too.
Almost half of gift card recipients make return visits after using their gift card. And, what's more, 8 out of 10 gift card recipients spend more than the original load value*. All of which could make yours a better, happier business.

*Source: LoyLap transaction data

Gift Card on Clover

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