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Please note due to a technical issue overnight, some Merchants will experience a 1 day funding delay. The funds that are due today will instead be deposited into your account tomorrow, Friday 14th of June. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Clover™ Mini

The future of card payments is here

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Clover™ Mini

Meet Clover™ Mini, the smart terminal that takes card payments to the next level. A compact and convenient retail solution, its smart touchscreen gives you fingertip control of your business.

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See how Clover™ Mini can revolutionise your business

Sleek Compact Design
All the benefits of Clover™, customised for small spaces, start-ups and small business retailers.
Expert Support
Clover™ Mini is supported by an expert in-house Clover™ team and a commitment to deliver a quality service from 7am to 11pm.
Future Proofed Card Payments Technology
Clover™ Mini is future-proofed for Apple Pay and Android Pay, and will integrate seamlessly when they become available in Ireland.
Ready to Go
Your Clover™ Mini is ready to accept sales, refunds and over the phone payments straight away.
Comprehensive Reporting for True Insight
Clover™ Mini uses Cloud computing to give you the reports you need, all of the time, on your phone, tablet or laptop, and wherever you are.
Secure Card Payments
Accepting card payments through the Clover™ Mini device is safe and secure for both you and your customer.
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Getting started with Clover™ Mini

The Clover Station arrives ready-to-go (pre-loaded with your product list/menu).

Connect quickly via ethernet or WiFi.

Simple to activate in minutes with the touchscreen wizard.

User-friendly, intuitive software and support for quick employee training.

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Clover™ Mini Product Spec

Clover Mini

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