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Virtual Terminal

Turn any PC into a POS terminal

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Virtual Terminal lets you process card payments by fax, mail, phone or via your website.

How it works

Our Authipay Virtual Terminal provides an easy way for merchants to process transactions via the Internet by turning any PC into a POS terminal. At the same time it provides one central, secure location where you can manage everything related to transaction processing:

  • Run secure transactions yourself
  • Set up your website to run transactions for you
  • Prevent fraud
  • Review transaction reports

Process transactions the way you want, wherever you are.

Our Virtual Terminal functions in a similar way as retail store terminals. Simply enter your customer details. It can even take care of recurring transactions, like subscription services.

The terminal is completely customisable, allowing you to show only what you need to run your business efficiently, so you can select exactly what you want to appear on the page.

And because it runs via the Internet, you can log on from anywhere, giving you instant access, so you can process orders wherever you are.

Virtual Terminal is easy to use and provides:

  • Card transactions are authorised within seconds.
  • Receipt can be sent immediately via email, increasing customer confidence.
  • Receive summarised and detailed reports of all transactions on a daily basis.
  • Customisable order information including customer details & shipping details.
  • Easy set up of recurring payment facility for spreading payments or taking subscriptions.
  • Manage multiple users with different access rights such as order only, orders and credit authority and full administrative privileges.

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