Authipay Virtual Terminal

Turn any PC into a POS terminal

Turn any PC into a point of sale with Authipay Virtual Terminal. Take payment securely over the phone, or generate payment links to send to your customers to collect payment instantly. Plus, safe virtual storage means you will never lose another record.

Authipay Virtual Terminal Features

Getting Started

Step 1

Set up an AIB Merchant Services account

Step 2

Select the Authipay package that suits your needs

Step 3

Set up users

Step 4

Start taking payments!

Additional Benefits


How long does it take to get up and running with Authipay Virtual Terminal?

If you have a merchant account with AIBMS, you can be set up to take payment within a few hours

Can I send receipts to customers with Authipay Virtual Terminal

Yes, receipts can be sent immediately via email when the payment has been successful, which boosts customer confidence in the process