The Flexible Solution

Everything you need in the palm of your hand. With in-built WiFi and 3G capability, Clover Flex can come with you wherever you go, and works seamlessly with other products in the Clover family.

Clover Flex Features

Getting Started

Step 1

Speak to our team of payment experts

Step 2

Choose any accessories you need

Step 3

Select the software plan that suits your business

Step 4

Start taking payment!


Additional Benefits


What is included with the Flex?

The Clover Flex is a portable device, so we also send you a charging dock and power supply. The battery lasts for around 8 hours after a full charge. You will receive an extra paper roll and an accessibility shield with physical buttons and brail to support those with visual impairments enter their PIN.

What software plans are available on the Clover Flex?

If you have Clover Flex only, you can use the Payments Plus or the Register Lite bundle. If you have other Clover products, such as the Clover Mini or the Clover Station Pro, you can avail of any service plan in tandem with those products.

The Register Lite Bundle gives you access to certain inventory management settings, and the Payments Plus Bundle provides you with standard payment processing and reporting features. All service plans allow you to access the Clover App Market.  You choose your software plan when setting up your Clover device, and you can manage these settings in the Clover Web Dashboard.