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Better manage your store with the Clover Dashboard

30 mins
30 mins

Webinar Summary

Thousands of Irish merchants trust Clover to take card transactions safely and reliably all day long.   In addition to the features offered on your Clover device, your online dashboard provides complete management control of your point of sale, accessible to you anywhere on an internet-connected device.

In this on-demand webinar, Clover’s training specialist Cem Eray joins host Conor McKevitt to guide you through the most powerful features available on your Clover dashboard. This includes setting up employees and managing their permissions on your Clover devices, monitoring real-time sales totals, retrieving historical sales data, modifying existing products or adding new ones, and managing your apps and communications.  Whether you have multiple devices or stores, all these functions are conveniently accessible online.

Watch on-demand and explore with us how the Clover Dashboard can assist you in better managing your stores.

Meet our speakers

Conor McKevitt

Webinar Host

Conor McKevitt, Conor is with AIBMS since 2019 and began his career as a Customer Success Manager. He has gained immense knowledge of the AIBMS product suite throughout his experience of managing customer relationships.

Conor’s current role is the SME Payments Technology Expert, and he looks forward to facilitating conversations about all that AIBMS has to offer in the following Webinar series.

Cem Eray

Webinar Guest

Cem Eray, Cem Eray is a training specialist with the Clover EMEA team. Working right across Europe, Cem brings to our webinar his deep knowledge and experience of Clover.

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Better manage your store with the Clover Dashboard – On Demand

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