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The Top Clover apps you need to know about

25 mins
25 mins

Webinar Summary

The payment terminal has evolved, and just like the smartphone in your pocket does much more than making voice calls, your Clover terminal is ready to do more for you.

Clover terminals lead the AIBMS suite of payment solution, managing millions of card payments for thousands of SME customers like you. But Clover devices are designed to do a lot more, taking its benefit to you way beyond debit and credit card payments.

And the benefits come not just from the device itself, but through the Clover App Store. Just like many of the things you use your smartphone for come from apps, Clover offers you the biggest app market of any payment device. Now is agreat time to explore if these apps can help you.

In this 30 minute webinar Conor McKevitt takes a look at the best Clover apps available to you on the Clover App Market with Cem Eray, Clovers training specialist.

Meet our speakers

Conor McKevitt

Webinar Host

Conor McKevitt, Conor is with AIBMS since 2019 and began his career as a Customer Success Manager. He has gained immense knowledge of the AIBMS product suite throughout his experience of managing customer relationships.

Conor’s current role is the SME Payments Technology Expert, and he looks forward to facilitating conversations about all that AIBMS has to offer in the following Webinar series.

Cem Eray

Webinar Guest

Cem Eray, Cem Eray is a training specialist with the Clover EMEA team. Working right across Europe, Cem brings to our webinar his deep knowledge and experience of Clover.

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