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Using Main Street Insights to target your marketing spend

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17 May 2024  •  11:00am21 June 2024  •  11:00am

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Webinar Summary

For many small, independent businesses the money they spend on boosting social media campaigns account for the bulk of their marketing budget.

While precise social media targeting based on age, profile, and location can be powerful, it can also be costly. To make your marketing spend go further, consider targeting only customers who are most likely to spend more with you.

Main Street Insights, the free data platform exclusively available to AIBMS customers, can help you do just that.  By analyzing every card number you process, the platform identifies key customer characteristics such as age, gender, and location, and cross-references them with spending patterns.  This gives you an accurate and up-to-date view of your customers, including which demographics spend the most, where your customers are coming from, and how you fare against your local competitors.

Join our upcoming webinar with a social media consultant, to learn how to leverage the data in Main Street Insights to create highly targeted social media campaigns.  Let us guide you on how to use this free data platform to your advantage before you spend another euro on boosting your next campaign.   Spend just 30 minutes on this webinar and gain valuable insights into your customers.

Meet our speakers

Conor McKevitt

Webinar Host

Conor McKevitt, Conor is with AIBMS since 2019 and began his career as a Customer Success Manager. He has gained immense knowledge of the AIBMS product suite throughout his experience of managing customer relationships.

Conor’s current role is the SME Payments Technology Expert, and he looks forward to facilitating conversations about all that AIBMS has to offer in the following Webinar series.

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Using Main Street Insights to target your marketing spend

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