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What is PCI Data Security & how you can become Compliant

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Webinar Summary

You may have seen emails from AIBMS about ‘Data security Compliance’ and wondered ‘what is this and how does it apply to me?’ Maybe you have heard about cardholder data being stolen and used to commit fraud, and wondered if you are at risk of a similar attack?

Managing data security means ensuring any data you use, including the card details used to pay you – is stored safely. Your customers expect you to be protective of the card details they pay you with, and PCI-DSS is how you can assure – and certify – this protection.

On this 30 minute webinar we ask Conor Twomey, PCI Compliance Manager at AIBMS, to breakdown how data security works, what PCI-DSS is, and how it works, and how to manage your compliance.

Meet our speakers

Conor McKevitt

Webinar Host

Conor McKevitt, Conor is with AIBMS since 2019 and began his career as a Customer Success Manager. He has gained immense knowledge of the AIBMS product suite throughout his experience of managing customer relationships.

Conor’s current role is the SME Payments Technology Expert, and he looks forward to facilitating conversations about all that AIBMS has to offer in the following Webinar series.

Conor Twomey

Webinar Guest

Conor Twomey, Conor has worked in the area of card payment data security for over 10 years, bringing experience from across the industry. On this webinar, Conor provides assurance and explanation to the PCI-DSS compliance process.

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What is PCI Data Security & how you can become Compliant

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