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Clearing ‘mac key’ error

  1. Ingenico 7780 / 5100
  2. Spire/Hypercom

Ingenico 7780 / 5100

If your terminal displays MAC KEY ERROR, proceed as follows:

  1. Press MENU and when the transaction menu appears, press MENU again.
  2. Scroll to SELECT FUNCTION and press Enter.
  3. Key in 32 and press Enter
  4. If prompted, swipe the Supervisor card.
  5. When the prompt EFT RESET MACKEY? appears, press Enter.
  6. Select the merchant service providers you require.
To select all cards… To select certain cards only…
Press enter 6a. Scroll to the first merchant service provider you require and press Enter.6b. When the prompt EFT RESET MACKEY? appears:

  • To select another merchant service provider, scroll to NO, press Enter and continue to select merchant service providers as above.
  • Press Enter in response to the EFT RESET MACKEY? prompt when all merchant service providers have been selected.

The terminal will now print a receipt to confirm that the MAC keys have been reset. If the printout shows any stored transactions, these will need to be reprocessed.

The terminal then returns to the READY prompt.

After contacting the merchant service provider, perform a test transaction to confirm that the terminal is working.


If your terminal displays MAC KEY ERROR, proceed as follows:

  1. At the main sale screen, press the blue function button.
  2. Key in 76 and press Enter.
  3. At PASSWORD prompt, key in 0000 and press Enter.
  4. Swipe the Supervisor card. The screen will display hosts AIB or AIB and AMEX.
  5. Press the button next to AIB. The screen will display RESET MAC KEY, ARE YOU SURE?
  6. Press Enter.

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