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Our Merchant Support and Authipay Support Teams are available.

AIB Merchant Services:
0818 021 062 or +44 1268 567121 (from outside Ireland)

First Trust Merchant Services:
0371 200 1437 or +44 1268 567122 (from outside Ireland)

AIB Merchant Services – GB:
0371 200 1436 or + 44 1268 567123 (from outside Ireland)

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I need to change my Authipay password. Where can I do this?

To change your password in the Authipay Virtual Terminal, select Administration on the Main Menu Bar, then click on ‘Change Password’. This will bring up the Change Password page. From there you need only fill in your new password and Submit.

Which currencies are available for those cards?

  • The currencies available are:
  • EUR (Euro)
  • GBP (Great British Pounds)
  • USD (United States Dollar)
  • AUD (Australian Dollar)
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  • CHF (Swiss Franc)
  • DKK (Danish Kroner)
  • HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
  • NOK (Norwegian Kroner)
  • PLN (Polish Zloty)
  • SWK (Swedish Kroner)
  • ZAR (South African Rand)

We also settle into Euro, USD or GBP from over 150 worldwide currencies all under the same merchant account!

What card types can we take using Authipay?

The cards that can be accepted through the Authipay Payment Gateway are shown below:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diners/Discover

Which card types can be used for Recurring Transactions?

Assuming you have the relevant merchant IDs from AIB Merchant Services, recurring payments can be accepted for any of these card types:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Diners/Discover
  • Laser

If an unsupported card type is submitted, an error 92 will be generated.

If I download a CSV/XML file from Reporting, what will its format be?

The format of the file will depend upon the Service and type of transactions within the file.

The .CSV file is readable in Excel and the XML file can also be imported to excel for further study.

I would like new login(s) to access the Authipay Reporting System. How do I get this set up?

You can have multiple users for one store, which allows multiple employees to process orders and/or view reports, each of them logging on with their own user ID, password, and permissions. All users of one store can share the same client certificate.

To add or delete users, you must be logged in on the store’s original user account. The primary user for the store the user ID and password that was provided when the store account was set up–is the only user who can add/delete users and assign permissions. No other users are allowed to add or remove users or assign user permissions. Users who do not have permissions to manage users will not see the Manage Users option on theAdministration page.

How do I get a New Reporting User Set Up?

Additional logins can be created by any existing user who has administrator privileges configured.

I have forgotten my Reporting password – can it be reset?

If you need your Reporting password reset, you will need to contact our Support Team.

AIB Merchant Services: 0818 021 062 or + 44 1268 567121  (from outside Ireland)
First Trust Merchant Services: 0371 200 1437 or + 44 1268 567122  (from outside Ireland)
AIB (GB) Merchant Services: 0371 200 1436 or + 44 1268 567123  (from outside Ireland)

If asking Support to reset your password, please ensure your request contains your Groupname and Username.

What is a TID?

TID stands for terminal ID.

TIDs are used to obtain authorisation codes from AIB Merchant Services. Each TID on your account allows you to have one open connection to AIB Merchant Services at any given time. This means that if your account has one TID, you will only be able to request one authorisation code at a time – in much the same way as a till in your local supermarket only processes one transaction at a time.

If you wish to increase the capacity of your account, this can easily be done by adding more TIDs .

Each TID on your account will be configured with one of your merchant IDs, and will process a particular type of transaction – i.e. one currency, one code capture method/code and a specific set of card types.

If all relevant TIDs are busy at the time a new request is received, error 53 will occur.

What is Authipay?

Authipay is payment gateway and merchant services provided by AIB Merchant Services.

What is a MID?

A MID is a Merchant ID Number and is used like a bank account or customer number, identifying your merchant account.

How do I apply for a MID?

You can apply for a MID through AIB Merchant Services.

What are Chargebacks and Why do they occur?

Chargebacks occur when a transaction is returned to the acquirer by the card issuer and where the acquirer may apply a debit to the merchant’s bank account. The cardholder can dispute transactions for several reasons and the card issuer will support their cardholder’s dispute if it is valid under the scheme rules.

You can find more information on Chargebacks in our Handbook here:

Chargebacks Handbook

What is a Card Verification Value (CVV) & Address Verification Services (AVS)?

CVV is an additional service which is intended to assist the combating of fraud in Card Not Present transactions (i.e. online, mail or phone purchases).

The purpose of the Card Verification Value is to ensure that the data stored on the magnetic stripe of the card is valid and was generated by the issuing bank. The CVV code is the final 3 digits of the number shown on the signature strip of the card.

Address Verification Services ensure that the supplied address details match those registered for the card.

What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is a payment terminal option that allows you to the ability to accept credit and debit card payment transactions by phone.

It can be activated on any PC with internet capability.

In order to use this facility you must first be set up with MOTO (Mail Order/ Telephone Order) Merchant ID.

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Where can I find technical information for developers?

Technical information for developers is available in the Developer section of this website. Your developer will find  guides and FAQ’s that will allow them to integrate Authipay.

Do you integrate with my shopping cart?

We work with a number of shopping carts that are currently available in the marketplace.  Please contact our Support Team to verify that your shopping cart can be integrated.

Is Authipay PCI DSS Complaint?

Yes, Authipay is a PCI DSS compliant gateway.

What if I already have merchant services with another acquirer?

As Authipay is a bundle you will need to move acquirer to AIB Merchant Services in order to avail of Authipay.  This is easy to do and our Merchant Support Team will provide you with all the relevant information to progress this.

How do I track the transactions/ payments that take place on my website?

There are two reporting portals available to you:

AIBMS insight – the online presentment of your statement of all your transactions.

Authipay reporting – the online system detailing all your gateway transactions.

What does a Merchant account provide?

Our merchant account will provide you with the following:

  • Ability to  take debit & credit card payments
  • The means to authorise card transactions
  • Ability to capture, authorise and process card payment transactions
  • Settlement of funds back to your bank account. Online statements & reporting so you can manage your merchant account

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How do I know my account has been set up?

When your account has been approved you will receive a letter welcoming you as a customer of AIB Merchant Services.

You will then receive an email from Authipay providing you with your MID and logon details to our reporting tool.

How can I help protect my online business against risk/fraud?

You can help to prevent fraud through the implementation of fraud tools including Card Verification Service (CVV) and 3D Secure Services.  You also need to ensure your website is PCI DSS compliant (see for more information on PCI DSS).

Also the suite of Fraud Settings available in the Administration section of Authipay Virtual terminal will allow you to actively set parameters so as to help prevent fraud, details of these are outlined in the Virtual Terminal User Guide and apply to all types of transactions.

What is the AuthiPay reference number?

The Authipay order number, which uniquely identifies all transactions within our system. It is unique to your store and assigned by you, if not entered Authipay will assign a unique identifier for you.

How long will it take for payment to appear in my bank account?

This will depend on the bank you hold your business bank account with.

Can I set a minimum transaction value?

No, you may not set any minimum limit on any credit and debit card transactions.